Helping leaders deliver effective solutions to complex issues in public health, environment and social justice

Facilitation, strategic planning and project management

XI work closely with you and your stakeholders to design and implement effective plans to guide programs and strategies, whether you are just starting to explore a new idea, or you are refreshing the implementation of a long-standing program. I have a proven track record of being able to translate concepts to critical actions that are achievable in the short-term but always aligned with the long-term vision.

Writing, communication and social media

XI bring a fresh perspective to your written products, helping you communicate clearly and with purpose to your target audience across a variety of platforms.

Communities of practice and social learning

XBringing people together to learn from each other is the essence of successful engagement processes. I help with the development of on-going communities of practice as well as the design and facilitation of meaningful conversations (see:

Research and knowledge mobilization

XGathering and evaluating evidence is a critical part of moving knowledge into action. I am a skilled researcher with experience conducting systematic reviews and designing and implementing qualitative data collection projects. I help you with your knowledge translation challenges so that you get the right evidence to the right people at the right time.

Program evaluation and policy analysis

XPrograms and policies are at the heart of effective organizational action. I work with you to scan the environment, design the feedback process and examine the evidence. This includes clarifying your theory of change and program logic models, applying a results-based accountability (RBA) framework, and providing you with key decision points to guide your selection of evaluation and policy options.

Capacity building and training

XI bring my experience managing diverse program teams to help you identify the training needs of your staff and volunteers. We work collaboratively to design and deliver workshops and webinars, that meet the knowledge and skill development needs of you and your team.

When people work with me they get …

  • Clear thinking from a systems-perspective
  • Compelling communication that engages specific audiences
  • Simple maps for navigating complex decisions
  • Creative and timely methods for effective engagement
  • Strategic actions that advance shared goals
  • Meetings that strengthen relationships and build networks